Class assignment: Expert review, revised site map and key wireframes

As a class assignment in my UX degree at Bentley University, I was tasked with choosing a website to review, remap, and wireframe new solutions.  I chose, a leading online resource for over 15 years in natural fiber cloth diapers that provides valuable information and products, but could improve their user experience.

Below is the site overview including (fictional) business goals, user groups, redesign goals, scope, dependancies, assumptions, risks and deliverables (click to enlarge).


Green Mountain Diapers sells only cotton diapers – no polyester or synthetic material that are otherwise common, economical and widely available on other cloth diaper sites and stores. Because of this differentiator, Green Mountain has grown by word-of-mouth into a successful online retailer for natural diapers, and are a valued resource within the cloth diaper community. Yet, their site is complex as it has grown unchecked over time, and takes an investment of time and energy to understand and use.

My expert review raised 6 major issues across site architecture, navigation, search, content, and page layout. Details as follows (click to enlarge):HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey2 HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey3 HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey4

After studying the existing site structure and to address the importance of both the product and general information available on the site, I’ve used two main buckets, “Shop” and “Learn”. The products for sale are grouped together to help returning customers quickly see favorite products and/or find new products for return sales. The broader topical pages have been restructured under the second bucket, “learn” to house detailed recommendations from Green Mountain’s founder Karen.

This is easier to access to both new and existing users coming to the site. All types can easily continue to explore as they move deeper into the product pages, and find diapers that work for them.


The following four wireframes for homepage, category page, product page and a proposed “Karen’s advice” page are my suggested design changes to improve content management and information architecture. They support the (fictional) site goals created for this assignment, though I feel would make a lasting improvement for on their own.HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey6 HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey7 HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey8 HF740-2015-Final-GreenMountainDiapers-Harvey9

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