Develop a visual brand and integrated UI. With personality.

With the craft brew industry boom, it can be hard to tell at the store cooler which beers are independent craft brews, and which are sub-brands of the three major corporate US breweries. To find out, users can scan beer UPC code with the Craft Check app on their phone, or search by name. 

Over the past year, the app has been featured on Fortune, Fast Company, NPR and FOOD magazine blogs, and has been #3 in the top paid Food and Drink iPhone Apps in iTunes.

Spytap Industries had a clear vision for the functionality, but was unsure what the app would look like. I created visual mood boards to help them uncover the right tone for the project. They wanted a “Sophisticated edge” which influenced a minimal, sophisticated and intuitive app interface for users. We then refined until we got to the right solution.


We then took the visual identity into the app workflow, from load screen to the results of checking a beer.


The app responds to the query with a “Congratulations!” for a craft brew or “Caution” for a corporate brew, or “Confusing” if it’s unknown. Users can let their friends know what they found out thanks to social media integration.

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